About me

Hi, my name's Carrie. 

I've been around animals my whole life, from dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, rodents, parrots and even a goldfish for good measure. Childhood dogs include Shepherds, border collies and toy poddles. I originally started my teaching and coaching career as a riding instructor and training young horses. Then I went on to work in a cattery where I achieved my NVQ in animal care.

I first got into formal dog training when I acquired Tizer, a terrier mix rescue dog with a few problems. My passion for dog training grew from there and I started attending both general training and fun agility classes with both Tizer and my eldest chihuahua Chica.

The pack grew when we added Munchkin, a lab X staffie whom my other half rescued, and then Minx who is Chica's daughter. 

I am currently training and competing with Minx in Hoopers which is a fun dog sport.

I am an accredited canine hoopers uk instroctor, real dog yoga instructor, full member of the IMDT and trained in canine first aid.

As a member of IMDT I have attended the following courses and seminars led by Steve Mann:

  •  2 Day Career As A Dog Trainer Course
  •  4 Day Practical Instuctor Course
  •  6 Day Advanced Training and Behaviour Course
  •  2nd Chance Heros (Rescue Dog Rehabilitation)
  •  1 Day Perfect Puppy Seminar
  •  1 Day Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation Seminar
  •  Canine nutrition
  •  IMDT confrence 2017, 2018.

IMDT promote ethical and science based teaching methods, of which have been tried out on my own dogs and some other rescue dogs i volunteered to help. I am also a qualified canine first aider and have a lot of dog walking experience.

Other courses:

  • 5 Day Instructor Course at In The Dog House DTC
  • 2 Day BAT Seminar with Grisha Stewart
  • 1 Day Crucial & Cutting Edge Concepts in Dog Training Seminar with Ian Dunbar
  • The National Dog Bite Prevention And Behaviour Conference presented by Victoria Stilwell
  • Clicker expo 2014
  • Real dog yoga instructor course
  • 2 day canine conditioning course
  • Canine symposium run by Fitzpatrick referals
  • Canine hoopers uk Accreddited trainer course

Our values

Dogs Furever aims to help you achieve the best relationship with your dog, learning control whilst having fun using positive reinforcement in a safe environment.