What is Hoopers?

Imagine crossing agility with croquet, thats a quick way to explain hoopers, it all sounds a bit like Alice in wonderland (obviously without the flamingo mallets). Hoopers is a low impact dog sport thats fun and tests you and your dog working as a team around a course of hoops, barrels and tunnels. Any size and breed of dog over the age of 6 months and in good health can start training hoopers. Its great for people looking to try something new with their dogs that is similar to agility. You can run with your dog or handle them from a distance so it doesnt need the handler to be super athletic. Also popular with retired agility dogs and dogs that may not like or be phsically capable of jumps and tight turns.

We have regular hoopers classes which work towards acheiving the good hooper awards. Please contact us for more details, private tuition also available.

We also run hoopers workshops for other training clubs so if you are a trainer and interested please contact us.